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System Upgrades


The key benefits are;

  • Significantly reduces the effects of shading
  • Upto 25 % Increased Generation = a greater return on Investment
  • 24/7 Online Monitoring
  • Can be Installed retrospectively
  • 25 Year Optimiser Warranty
  • The only Micro Inverter System you’ll ever need.

Inverter – The brain of the PV system

SolarEdge offers a broad range of inverters for residential solutions. Homeowners can choose between the brand new E-Series three phase inverter, a compact integrated solution for 4-8 panels, or the award-winning single phase inverter range with HD-Wave Technology. The SolarEdge inverters have fixed input voltage and are responsible for DC to AC conversion only.

Power Optimiser – Connected to each solar panel on the roof

Power optimisers enable panels to perform independently, providing greater energy harvest, enhanced safety, and real-time monitoring from each panel.

StorEdgeTM – Store unused PV energy for later use

Store unused PV energy directly on compatible, high voltage DC batteries such as the LG Chem RESU batteries to maximise energy independence and lower electricity bills.

Home Energy Management – Increase your solar energy usage with SolarEdge smart home devices

Utilise excess PV production to power heat pumps, hot water boilers, lighting, or other home appliances. Homeowners can enjoy greater convenience with automatic, on-the-go control of smart devices via the SolarEdge mobile monitoring app.

Monitoring – Track system data in real-time

SolarEdge offers a monitoring system in one dashboard enabling full visibility of the performance of Your module, StorEdge, and home energy management solution. Free for the system’s lifetime, the SolarEdge monitoring platform enables improved maintenance, and higher system uptime.


12 Year Warranty as Standard, can be upgraded to 25 years.
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