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Better Technology. Better Together

The new SunPower Maxeon 5 AC Module combines home solar’s most powerful
panel with Enphase, the world’s most advanced inverter technology. The result is a premier, reliable, optimized solution for any roof.

Powerfully Simple

The Enphase IQ7A Microinverter is designed for the precise specifications of the high-powered Maxeon 5 module. The integrated AC Module delivers unique yield advantages in low light and partial shade and delivers more long-term energy than alternatives. It also simplifies and accelerates your projects by requiring fewer steps and panels.

Sometimes less is truly more.

  • Max Output Power: 366 VA
  • MPPT Range: 34V – 48V
  • 97% CEC Efficiency


The Best of Both Worlds

Your customers can invest with confidence, knowing that the quality is proven for both SunPower Maxeon panels and Enphase microinverters. Each is uniquely designed for climate extremes, tested beyond industry standards, and proven by actual field results. Each is also backed by a category-leading warranty from the manufacturer.


  • #1 durability
  • 0.005% panel return rate
  • 40-year expected useful life
  • 3.5 billion cells, 35 million panels shipped
  • 25 years of product, power and service warranty coverage


  • #1 Microinverter company worldwide
  • 0.05% microinverter return rate
  • No moving parts or fans
  • 28 million microinverters shipped
  • Category-leading inverter warranty

Grow and Simplify your Business with home solar’s most advanced integrated technology

  • Differentiate and Grow with solar’s premier combination:

    #1 most powerful home solar panel
    #1 global microinverter
    Top homeowner and partner software

  • Simplify your Operations by optimizing:

    Flexible design and installation
    50% fewer incremental steps
    BOS, warehousing, working capital savings

  • Strengthen your Fleet by offering your customers:

    Industry-leading 25-year warranty coverage
    50% more energy over 25 years
    Low voltage system, fewer wiring operations

  • Factory-integrated and tested

    Highest-power integrated AC module
    Engineered and calibrated by Enphase for SunPower AC modules

  • Enphase tier-1 customer support

    Enphase CS provides Tier-1 support for Sunpower AC module RMA claims through the Enlighten Manager (ITK) and Service on the Go (SOTG).