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As part of the Puredrive family of companies, Puredrive Energy can call upon over ten years of experience in the development, deployment and placement of battery technologies. With extensive experience in lead acid batteries through to the latest Lithium Ion batteries, Puredrive Battery Storage is at the forefront of battery centric energy storage systems.

  • Industry Leading British Warranty and Performance

    Warranted for 10,000 cycles with 5kW charge / discharge and ultra-safe LiFePo4 technology.

  • Protects against Power cuts

    During black outs or power cuts, Puredrive Battery Storage will maintain your home’s critical circuits, including; lights, fridge, internet etc.

  • Take Control of your energy

    Reduce your reliance on the grid. Significantly cut your energy bills, using the latest smart battery technology.

  • Future proof your energy requirements

    With predictions of energy costs rising by 37% in the next three years Puredrive Battery Storage will allow you to keep the need to buy energy at a minimum.

PureStorage II AC Battery

5 kWh | 10 kWh

The PureStorage II AC battery storage system is a fully integrated AC battery system for residential use. It’s a British product and uses the safest and highest performing lithium-ion-phosphate
battery cells.

It provides energy storage for your home and includes a time-based control system.

Its elegant design and simple connection to the home enables the home owner to monitor remotely, and realise the benefits of reduced bill costs and clean green power.


DC 5 kWh | Modular up to 25 kWh

The Purestorage II DC battery storage system has been designed to work with the best Hybrid inverter systems in the market, including Solis, Victron & Imeon.

Together they deliver the best Hybrid inverter/battery solution in the market.

The battery uses the safest and highest performing lithium-ion-phosphate battery cells.

Its elegant and simple to install design, matched with high performance, enables the home owner to maximise their bill savings and increased levels of clean green power.

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