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What is HIES?

The HIES Scheme (Home Insulation and Energy Systems Contractors) protects consumers buying Solar PV, Solar Thermal and other energy effcient products from HIES Accredited Members. All HIES Accredited Installers are continually vetted in many areas to ensure consumers are satisfied.

All customers receive comprehensive protection throughout the buying, installation, after sales and guarantee experience. Homeowners who use HIES Installers get FREE access to professional mediators, FREE independent inspectors, a FREE legally binding dispute resolution service via The Ombudsman Scheme and a Compensation Fund to honour Awards made by The Ombudsman. HIES is the ONLY scheme to give consumers this advanced level of protection and confidence. Ensure your investment is safeguarded by using a HIES Member.

Every customer using a HIES
Accredited Installer receives:

  • Free quotes from Fully Vetted Installers
  • Free Advice Line- 0844-324-5242
  • Free Deposit Protection
  • Free Comprehensive Guarantee
  • Free Insurance Backed Guarantee
  • Free Use of Inspectors, Mediators and The Ombudsman
  • Free Access to Compensation Fund to honour Ombudsman awards.
  • HIES provides a FREE service to investigate any complaints. This includes: FREE mediation, FREE independent inspections, FREE arbitration and a Compensation Fund to honour awards made by the Ombudsman. HIES gives customers comprehensive protection.

Benefits to you:

  • Fully Vetted and Accredited Installers
  • Free Advice Line
  • Free Deposit Protection
  • Free Stage Payment Protection
  • Free Insurance Backed Guarantee (for every customer)
  • Free Mediation (to help fully resolve any disputes)
  • Free Independent Inspections (providing a thorough defect analysis report)
  • Free Arbitration (to provide a legally binding, enforceable resolution)
  • Free access to Ombudsman (to conclude disputes without incurring legal fees or costs)
  • Free access to Compensation Fund (to honour all Ombudsman Awards)
  • All members installing ‘FITs’ generated products will be MCS registered