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Maintenance & Repair


Effective, planned maintenance is designed to maximise yield and extend the lifespan of the System. Lack of proper operational maintenance may also invalidate warranties in certain instances. Maintenance is essential to ensure peak performance and avoiding potential System downtime, this is why first4solar offers a range of residential Solar PV maintenance packages.
We also repair solar PV systems, including the replacement of solar panels, cables and Inverters.

We give £200 part exchange allowance for your old inverter

You don’t have to be a first4solar customer to benefit from our maintenance packages

Residential solar PV maintenance packages

  • All equipment, systems and elements that form part of the solar system, including solar panels, support structures, wiring.
  • Labour only.
  • Annual monitoring health check.

  • All equipment, systems and elements that form part of the solar system, including solar panels, support structures, wiring.
  • Labour and materials (excluding Inverter).
  • Annual monitoring health check.

  • All equipment, systems and consumables that form part of the solar system, including solar panels, support structures, wiring and Inverter.
  • Labour and materials including consumables and Inverter replacement.
  • Annual monitoring health check.

All above are subject to initial System Acceptance Approval (S.A.A) and Health Check


Homeowners, Landlords, it’s time to get smart.

Monitor your PV system whether home or away from your mobile, laptop or computer, take meter readings at a glance, real time user friendly system performance with Smart Meters.

You’ll know when your PV system isn’t operating as it should and more to the point, so will we. Allowing for preventative annual maintenance checks, for the optimum performance of your solar PV System.

Landlords, you’ll no longer need visit the property to obtain the latest meter reading or rely on your tenants to provide them, you’ll be in control 24 hrs a day. Monitor electricity consumption of individual properties, even in apartment blocks, automatically download your latest solar PV meter readings. Upgrade now available to enable remote meter reading for Gas Meter’s.

  • Smart Meter Monitoring
  • Get alerts when a system goes offline
  • Analyse energy consumption or generation in detail
  • user-friendly tools

Single Phase GPRS Smart Meter The Emlite EMA1 meter is an MID approved single phase electronic meter with GPRS module for automatic meter reading The meter uses the MC11 integrated GPRS communications module with network roaming SIM card.

Further details on request from First4solar call 08450 036 882

Bird-Pigeon-Pest Control

Do you have problems with Birds, Pigeons, Squirrels etc nesting under your solar panels? Pest control is the single largest problem when it comes to maintaining your PV System.

Here at First4Solar we have a permanent solution to the problem.

By installing one of our Solar Panel pest control kits, you can permanently eradicate the nuisance of Birds/Pigeons and other pests from nesting under your Solar Panels.

This is a cost effective solution and is Installed within the day, providing a permanent solution to the problem.

The S.A.A and Health check includes:

System Compliance

To ensure MCS (Micro Certification Scheme) compliance to ensure maximum FIT returns and includes a review of the FIT documentation and tariff.

Performance Analysis

To ensure your System is performing in accordance with Manufacturers guidelines.

Cable Checks

For any damage to ensure in satisfactory working order. Including DC check to ensure non slippage of fastenings and all necessary labelling is MCS compliant. AC check to ensure earth conductor at constant as well as other conductors. Insulation check for resistance purposes. AC and DC isolation checks.

Current and Voltage Checks

Testing of arrays, strings junction boxes, isolators, cabling and distribution boards to ensure compliance with Manufacturers guidelines and National Irradiation records.

Inverter Readings

To ensure readouts are correctly calibrated and recorded and electrical testing and review of any past or current error messages. Recording of any issues or required adjustments.

Physical Inspection

Visual inspection to check for any evidence of degradation and ensure no movement in the mounting structure. Visual inspection of panels and general roof condition.

Health Check Service Certificate dated stamped and issued and recorded to form System Service History.

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