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Solar never looked so good

  • Aesthetics

    Roof integrated panels sit lower to the roofline, without brackets and racking on show, to look like an intended part of the roof.

  • Roof maintenance

    The roof covering can be easily maintained or replaced without the cost of dismantling a solar installation. Problems associated with bird infestation are avoided.

  • Rapid

    Installation times of less than 1 hour per kilowatt-peak are easily attainable. Our patented connection method means that panels are simply pushed together to create a weather-tight and secure fixing.

  • Compact

    Industry-leading panel spacing. The gap between rows is only 5mm. Columns are spaced by 30mm.

  • Sleek

    Invisible clamps give an uncluttered aesthetic. Panel spacing is automatically set to give consistently accurate shut-lines.

  • Simple

    Fusion achieves exceptional fire performance, wind resistance and weather tightness without extra roof battens, adhesive flashing rolls or fire proofing materials. Everything you need is right there in the kit.

  • Robust

    Certified wind resistance is more than four times higher

  • Universal

    Works with all commonly used tiles and slates, including slate over sarking. Compatible with Velux windows.

Why choose Clearline Fusion?

Clearline Fusion is a fantastic fully integrated solar PV system which is perfect for new builds. Fusion achieves the highest fire rating and exceptional wind resistance without the need to purchase extra roofing battens or require you to modify the roof below. No other roof integrated system can achieve this consistently. With a patented connection method, that panels simply slide together to create a weathertight seal and roof fixing. Add this with a bottom flashing made from lead rather than cheap plastic alternatives. Fusion gives you a complete system without compromise.