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GivEnergy is part of the JMHing group of companies that specialises in hardware manufacture and software design to create energy efficient products in an evolving market place. GivEnergy battery storage systems are scaleable and come in banks of 2.6kWh, 6.3kWh, and 8.2kWh.

  • Scaleable System

    Installable in banks of 2.6kWh, 6.3kWh, 8.2kWh up to 41kWh

  • 10 Year Warranty

    Comprehensive 10-year (10MWh per 1kWh installed capcaity) warranty

  • Smart Grid Trading Ready

    Ready for Agile tarrifs and Smart Grid Trading

  • IP65 Water-resistant

    Can be installed outdoors

GivEnergy Smart Energy Portal

The GivEnergy monitoring portal is one of the most advanced platforms on the market, allowing full monitoring control over a wide variety of renewable energy products and solutions allowing you to maximise on self consumption.

See the full GivEnergy brochure here:

GivEnergy Brochure