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GivEnergy + Agile Octopus - Your route to eradicating your energy bills.

Octopus Energy is the UK’s leading renewable energy Electricity Supplier. Agile Octopus is a cutting edge innovation created by Octopus’s unique technology. You get access to half-hourly energy prices, tied to wholesale prices and updated daily. Let your PV system charge your battery during the day to shift your daily electricity use outside of peak times and charge your battery during low night rates for morning useage to reduce your bills by up to 95%. Take advantage of plunge pricing by using IFTTT technology to trigger your battery charging and get paid to charge your battery!

Read more about Octopus Agile here: https://octopus.energy/agile/

8.2kWh GivEnergy Battery + 4.2kW Longi 350W Panels only £7995 Fully Installed

12 Longi Panels 350W HiMo4 Panels:

  • High Efficiency
  • 350w Panel Output
  • 25 Year Linear Performance Warranty
  • 10 Year Product Warranty
  • Low LID  Mono PERC Technology
  • Half-cut cell

GivEnergy 8.2kWh Battery and hybrid inverter:

  • Scaleable system
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Ready for Agile tarrifs
  • IP65 water resistant
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GivEnergy is part of the JMHing group of companies that specialises in hardware manufacture and software design to create energy efficient products in an evolving market place. GivEnergy battery storage systems are scaleable and come in banks of 2.6kWh, 6.3kWh, and 8.2kWh.

  • Scaleable System

    Installable in banks of 2.6kWh, 6.3kWh, 8.2kWh up to 41kWh

  • 10 Year Warranty

    Comprehensive 10-year (10MWh per 1kWh installed capcaity) warranty

  • Smart Grid Trading Ready

    Ready for Agile tarrifs and Smart Grid Trading

  • IP65 Water-resistant

    Can be installed outdoors

GivEnergy Smart Energy Portal

The GivEnergy monitoring portal is one of the most advanced platforms on the market, allowing full monitoring control over PV system allowing you to maximise on self consumption.

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See the full GivEnergy brochure here:

GivEnergy Brochure

Mr Thomas


Our system was installed 6 Jan 2015. The whole process from our first enquiry to quotation, then installation was first class. The fitters were professional, the sales team excellent and the aftercare superb. Subsequent to installation the system is working effciently, and we are sure it will be a great asset. Many thanks
Mr Whiteley


I had the 4kW system as shown in the national press. The engineer who carried out The Energy Certificate to prove we met the appropriate standards was very courteous, professional and thorough. The installation also carried out by a good team who left everything clean and tidy, and explained what I needed to know.
Mr Scott


Nearly a year since my installation,!! how time flies? fantastic system, rerforming as predicted, receiving regular payments from npower,! all in all a great system, been a excellent value for money installation, wish had had it sooner, but never mind, best wishes to everybody there, and a big thank you for the help you have been