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Customer Questionnaire Survey Form

Thank you for choosing First4Solar for your solar installation, your custom is greatly appreciated.

We are committed to delivering the highest levels of customer care, quality of service and an experience. To enable us to monitor and continually strive to improve on our levels of service, quality and satisfaction we would be grateful if you would please complete and return the attached questionnaire and post a review.

The Questionnaire should take you about 10 Mins.

Section 1. Sales/Order Process.

Were you dealt with respectfully and politely?

Was the product and process explained to you fully in a manner that you could understand?

Did you think that your needs were being listened to, and a choice of products clearly explained to you and their difference and benefits?

On a scale of 1 – 5, 1 being poor and 5 excellent, how would you rate the above?

If you rated less than 3, please comment on why this fell below your expectation.

Was any unusual features/access of your property commented on and/or discussed?

Was a guarantee and Warranty period mentioned or discussed.

Did the Sales Consultant offer any form of ongoing maintenance to afford optimum performance going forward?

If a follow up call was discussed did the Sales Consultant call back at the at agreed date and time?

Was an installation date agreed?

Please comment on any areas/aspects of the above you felt worked well or could be improved?

Please rate the sales process 0 being Bad 10 being Excellent.

Section 2. Installation.

Were you contacted the day prior to confirm your installation date and time?

Did the installation team arrive promptly at the agreed date and time?

Were the installation team dressed appropriately?

Were the installation team attentive, polite, and courteous?

Did the Installation team wear a face covering at all times, when in the property?

Did the installation team comply with the current COVID 19 and social distancing regulations?

Did the installation team execute the works in a professional and workmanlike manner?

Do you feel that the installation was carried out safely?

Did the installation team explain to you in a way that you could understand what they were going to do?

Was the installation and operation of the system fully explained to you on completion?

Were you asked if you were satisfied with the installation?

Was all materials and packaging removed from site and left tidy?

Please comment on any areas/aspects of the above you felt worked well or could be improved?


Would you recommend Tanrec Ltd T/A First4Solar to friends and family?

If not please comment any areas/aspects of the above, you felt worked well or could be improved?

Please rate the installation process 0 being bad, 10 being excellent.

Would you prefer Customer Satisfaction survey to be conducted electronically or by telephone?

Please confirm your name

Please confirm the address of your property.

Please confirm your email address.

Thank you for completing the above survey which will be dealt with confidentially and is only used for internal purposes to improve our levels of service.