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Providing a Turnkey, Cost Effective and Environmentally Friendly Solution for Reducing your Energy Cost.

Generating your own Solar Electricity will help to lower your Carbon Footprint and produce substantial savings on your energy bills of up to 80% per annum.

By Investing in Solar PV and Battery Storage Technologies you are reaffirming your company’s commitment to sustainability and promoting corporate responsibility.

With our Solar PV and Battery Storage Systems you can Fix Tomorrow’s Energy Costs Today and protect your business against Energy Price Volatility. It’s time to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and start saving today.

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When performance counts, not all solar PV systems are designed the same.

All our systems designed in house, we provide tailor made solutions that generate more energy all year round, even on a dull day.
High performance Mono- Crystalline Cells provide enhanced low light performance, which means our PV systems will continue to generate more power for longer, additionally, we work with energy suppliers that generate energy form a renewable source, the combination of solar PV and switching to a lower tariff will increase your savings and enhance your return on Investment.

We offer a 25-year linear performance guarantee and a 10-year workmanship warranty as standard.

Operation & Maintenance

We do not simply fit and forget, all of our commercials Installations come with the option of a 25-year Operation and Maintenance Contract.

Monitoring your Energy Generation

With our products we will provide you with access to a monitoring platform which will allow you to directly track your daily performance and output from your computer, phone, or tablet.

Become Carbon Neutral

Think of the positive impact this will have on your company and customers alike. In addition to the benefits that renewable energy brings, we can reduce your Carbon Footprint further still.
Offsetting your carbon footprint is straight forward, every day we emit carbon, from transportation to heating, lighting and the food we eat. This is your carbon footprint, offsetting your carbon means supporting schemes that remove carbon from the atmosphere.
You can neutralise your emissions by partnering with one of several companies globally, whereby you can offset all your emissions by funding projects that remove CO2. You will see the difference your Investment can make, you will receive monthly reports, photo’s and your carbon reduction certificates.

Verified by Gold Standard

We only work with Gold Standard, who ensure that carbon credits are real and verifiable and that projects make measurable contributions to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

About us

Here at first4solar our focus is on you the customer, your experience, and the customer journey. We actively seek to satisfy your requirements; we have a breadth of technical and product knowledge and can advise on the best systems for your business. Our advisors are salaried and not commission driven. The advice we give and the systems we design are optimised to ensure you get the best performance from your system.

100% Funding Available

Tax efficient Lease Purchase

Funding your PV project through a Finance Lease or HP agreement can make your installation instantly affordable. Tax efficient lease purchase arrangements, 100% Funding. In most instances the combined savings based on tax benefits and reduced energy bills ensure the cost of your PV system is covered by the savings you make.

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Commencing January 2021:

Receive a Free charge point with every 50kW’s purchased.