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first4solar Commercial Solar PV Offers

As a family business our focus is on the customer journey, customer care and aftersales service, this is an integral part of our business model.
We actively seek to satisfy your requirements, we have a breadth of product knowledge and are able to advise on the best systems for your business.
Our advisors are salaried and not commission driven, the advice we give and the systems we design are optimised to ensure you get the most from your system.


Installing solar PV provides a hedge against inflation allowing you to fix tomorrow’s energy costs today, reduces your reliance on Fossil Fuels and helps you meet your carbon reduction commitment and increases your savings, not only is it good for the planet, its good for your business too. See your savings in real time with our App, you can view your savings at work, at home on your mobile, anytime, anywhere.

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In conjunction with our delivery partners we’ve installed in excess of 100’s of MW’s of solar PV. Our experience covers landfill, brownfield, Greenfield and roof top projects. We are well placed to deliver your project we apply our technical expertise to all aspects of the delivery process ensuring we meet the highest possible standards.

If you’re considering installing solar PV on your land or your rooftop contact us today for a Free Remote No Obligation Survey.

  • Commercial Roof Top Solar PV Installations
 (Roof top installations up to 1MW do not require planning permission- exceptions apply please enquire)

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How Solar Energy and Battery Storage systems can benefit your business:

Regardless of the size of your business can you will almost certainly be able to benefit from solar energy. The continuous increase in electricity costs means that an increasing amount of businesses are looking to utilise their available roof space to not only lower their carbon footprint but to also save money and give them more stability in the future both financially and energetically as it lowers their dependence on the national grid.

Businesses as well as homes are moving over to electric vehicles, we supply EV Chargers that are powered by solar PV as well as the grid. Large systems for home use, whether its for BitCoin Mining or your energy demand is high, we have a solution for you. Homes and Businesses can also benefit from Battery storage systems, which work by storing surplus energy generated by solar PV for later use, such as in a power cut or when demand is high.

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Reasons for installing Solar Energy at your business:

  • Demonstrate Corporate Responsibility

    By installing solar panels and switching your energy usage to a self-funded renewable energy source you are proving your company's commitment to sustainability - an important advantage in today's consumer driven society.

  • Lower carbon footprint

    Generating your own solar energy will greatly lower your company's carbon footprint, improve your business reputation and increase your company’s sustainable credentials. For Example; A 30 kW (105 panels) solar PV system will help your business reduce its CO2 emissions by a around 16 tonnes per annum.

  • Cost savings

    Solar panels generate free, sustainable electricity during the day that can be used on site, this will decrease your business demand for energy from the grid and potentially save you thousands of pounds on your energy bills.

  • Solar income

    Whilst the primary function of solar power on your site will be to serve your energy needs, any surplus power can be sold to the grid providing you with another source of income.

  • Energy security

    Our national energy usage is increasing due to an increase in energy reliant appliances and is set to increase substantially as more people switch to Electric Vehicles. This places a lot of pressure on the National Grid and therefore it is expected that there will be an increase in price of energy as the grid struggles to meet the increase in demand. Having solar and battery storage at your business will therefore not only save you money but decrease your reliance on the grid itself who are already taking measures to prevent blackouts in the future.

  • Financial stability

    With energy prices predicted to sharply rise in the next 10 years, with solar panels your business will not have to be subject to increases in energy bills by large non-renewable corporations. After the initial upfront cost of installation, companies can reduce operating costs and increase margins, allowing them to plan for the reliable future due to clearer forecasting.

  • Monitoring your Energy Generation

    With our products we will provide you with access to a monitoring platform which will allow you to directly track your daily performance and output from your computer, phone or tablet.

How We Work

Contact First4solar for a free no obligation remote survey and appraisal.
 We’ll design a solar PV system that meets with your energy demands.

  • Step One

    Desktop Survey / Quotation - we’ll discuss your requirements and carry out a free desktop survey, provide you with a quotation and design a system that best represents your needs, subject to final survey.

  • Step Two

    We'll arrange for a surveyor to visit your business premises and carry out a physical survey of your roof and electrical system. They'll agree with you in advance the location of the panels and the cable routes and the cable routes etc. For ground-mounted systems, the same applies except for the roof inspection.

  • Step Three

    We carry out the grid connection application, planning application (where applicable) and associated permissions.

  • Step Four

    We'll arrange an installation date that's convenient for you. The installation will be carried out in the time frame specified with as little disruption as possible. On completion, we'll provide you with all the documentation and certifications you need and do a full handover so you are completely comfortable with your new system.