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Take back control and gain your energy independence today!

Throughout the day your solar PV system produces electricity, any surplus electricity is exported to the grid.

With Solar Battery Storage Systems – you can now store your surplus electricity and use it when you need it the most.

Our advisers calculate your battery storage requirements based on your current usage, and provide you with a no obligation quotation tailored to your needs.

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Benefits of Solar Battery Storage

  • Control of Energy Costs

    Reduce your reliance on the National Grid and take control of your energy costs

  • Increased Capacity

    The system’s storage capacity can be increased to meet your future needs

  • Unaffected Export Tarrif

    Your FIT and Export Tariff remain unaffected

  • Emergency Power

    In the event of a power cut the battery systems will supply emergency power

  • Stored Surplus Energy

    Solar PV generates electricity during daylight hours – any surplus is then normally exported back to the grid. By adding a solar battery storage system, the surplus electricity is stored for later use.

  • Comprehensive Warranty

    We only sell recognised brands with comprehensive warranties.

New and existing customers

You don’t need to be an existing customer to enjoy the financial benefits of Solar Battery Storage systems. If you’ve had a solar PV system installed by another company, we can still install your Solar Battery Storage System.

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The Idea of Battery Storage is Simple…

Store the free energy you have generated and use it when you’re actually at home!

Your Battery Storage integrates with solar to store excess energy generated during the day and makes it available when you need it.

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Social Energy Smart Grid Trading

Already have solar and battery or similar? You can still benefit from Social Energy by adding a compatible battery.

If you’ve recently purchased a battery storage system and your battery isn’t compatible with the Social Grid Trading Scheme but you don’t want to miss out on the financial benefits Grid Trading brings, we may be able to offer a part exchange.

Social Energy