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Airturb your future

With the installation of one or more Airturb wind turbines, it is possible for many more companies, households and municipalities to generate their own wind energy. For the first time, the wind can be used for direct application and CO2 reduction.

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Airturb Model One Wind Turbine Installers - Explanation

Airturb wind turbines – Start generating energy, knowing its source

The wind is everywhere!

Wind and sun are not comparable. On average we have 1600 hours of sunshine per year, more than 4 hours a day. While the wind is present both during the day and at night. By combining the two infinite resources, we can generate energy locally in a new sustainable way. Instead of large horizontal wind turbines of 139 meters high, the height of the Airturb Model One Boost is only 1.55 meters. Besides it makes little or no noise, and weighs only 72 kilos as a set. Enquire today to receive your quotation from an Airturb approved installer.

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Generate power from the wind

The Airturb Model One Boost is an investment for next generations, knowing where your own energy comes from, not being completely dependent on energy suppliers and making a local impact by converting wind into self-used energy when the sun is not shining.

Airturb Model One - Your Path to Installation by an accredited installer

  • Step 1: Site survey

    Book a site inspection and an expert will advice you on how to make your location suitable and sustainable for your Airturb installation

  • Step 2: Installation

    Aa an Airturb certified installer., we will take care of the installation, issue your warranty, and provide your aftercare and support for your Airturb Model One

  • Step 3: Getting green

    Embrace the wind, let your Airturb Model One generate your own wind energy, and show everyone how sustainable you are

  • Step 4: Refer your friends

    The best person to spread the word of how great the Airturb Model One is at generating renewable energy is someone who has one installed. Earn a referral fee for all your friends that purchase!

Airturb Model One Wind Turbine Installers

Use sustainable resources today to save it’s future

Nature is our companion!

Let’s reduce our footprint and generate energy 24 hours a day using an Airturb wind turbine. By combining wind and sun we can maximize sustainable energy generation. With the Airturb you can locally harvest energy from the wind.

Green energy for the world of tomorrow

Airturb is committed to a better world in various ways. By having an Airturb Model One installed., together we can innovate and work towards a sustainable future!

  • Flexibility in location

    Easily install the Airturb wherever you want. With its light and flexible design, the Airturb Model One is suitable for any flat roof.

  • Complete product

    With the complete set, we make it possible for both consumers and companies to generate green wind energy locally.

  • Friendly for everyone

    The Airturb is both vibration-free and silent. In addition, the product is animal-friendly and is not or hardly noticeable.

  • Certified Installers

    We are Airturb certified installers and the best choice to ensure your Airturb Model One is installed correctly.

We work with companies that value sustainability within their organization

Utilise Airturb Wind Turbines to start saving today!

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